Steel tube solutions for shipbuilding

BENTELER Distribution’s products and services range from high strength steels for static requirements to tubes for conveying liquid and gaseous media to fittings and flanges.

In particular, our metal sealed system for the connection of tubes, the Press Fitting System-XL (PreFiS-XL), provides you with numerous advantages compared to conventional welding techniques and is therefore, the ideal solution for the connection of the countless steel tubes, which are installed in your ships.

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Prefis XL for shipbuilding

PreFiS-XL connects steel tubes purely mechanically without welding 

  • Increase reliability and convenience: Steel tubes can be connected to one another in the most confined spaces without welding.
  • Save time and money: Our press fittings can be installed in only a few seconds with the help of a press tool. This does not require safety measures or reworking.
  • Rely on the highest quality: This repeatedly certified tube connection system withstands the highest pressure loads and is resistant against chemicals.
  • Optimize your process costs: Thanks to the many advantages, PreFiS-XL can contribute to the reduction of your process costs.
  • Reduce the number of your suppliers: We can supply you with press fittings and tubes from one source. This guarantees that the products fit together perfectly and the number of your suppliers is reduced.

Steel for shipbuilding

Carbon steel press fittings

  • Material: Body: 1.0570; Press ring sets: 42CrMo4 (1.7225, 1.7227)
  • Pipe diameter: 10.0 to 88.9 mm
  • Temperatures and pressure: -55°C to 400°C, up to 630 bar operating pressure
  • Stainless steel press fittings

  • Material: Body: 1.4404, 1.4571; Press ring sets: 42CrMo4 (1.7225, 1.7227)
  • Pipe diameter: 10.0 to 76.1 mm
  • Temperatures and pressure: -55°C to 400°C, up to 260 bar operating pressure

Additinal services for shipbuilding

Additional services

  • Technical consulting and product demonstration: We are more than happy to give you our professional advice and to demonstrate the functionality of the PreFiS-XL on location.
  • Custom products: PreFiS-XL is available in numerous shapes and dimensions. Nonetheless, should you need other types, we develop customized solutions for you.
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