Steel tube solutions for applications in hydraulics and pneumatics

As a company of the BENTELER-Group, we have access to extensive knowledge in the production of steel and steel tubes. We see ourselves as a competent consultant for hydraulic and pneumatic steel tube applications and support our customers in utilizing the potential of a material to the maximum.

  • Increase your profitability: Minimized wall thicknesses can be achieved by increasing the yield stress. This enables reducing your material consumption and at the same time, your overall cost of materials.
  • Increase the service life of your products: Ideally aligned product properties significantly reduce material failure – even in the event of extreme demands, as are given at low temperature ranges.
  • Improve your weight balance: A wall thickness reduction of up to 39% can be achieved in ultra-lightweight construction using high strength steels – with essential weight saving effects.
  • Benefit from customized products: On request, we also support our customers in the development of individually manufactured steel tube products for specific material requirements.

Coated precision tubes for the hydraulic industry

Coated precision steel tubes

  • Zista® tubes from BENTELER: with internal and external zinc plating, yellow or olive chromated, also passivized free from CrVI
  • Zistaplex® tubes from BENTELER: the zinc and organic coating guarantees the material’s particularly high resistance to corrosion

Delivery program for the hydraulic industry

Standard delivery program

  • Cylinder tubes with precision finished functional surface (HP), seamless tubes and welded tubes
  • Cylinder tubes with ready-to-install functional surface (HPS), welded drawn tubes
  • Precision steel tubes for manufacturing cylinder barrels (HPZ), seamless tubes and welded tubes, cold-drawn
  • Precision steel tubes for manufacturing piston tubes (HPK), seamless cold-drawn tubes
  • Hydraulic line pipes (HPL), seamless tubes and made of stainless steel
  • Piston rods and piston tubes, chrome-plated and nickel chrome-plated
Hydraulic and pneumatic Hydraulic and pneumatic