Steel tube solutions for automotive applications

With its years of experience in the processing of steel tubes, BENTELER Distribution has evolved into a significant partner of suppliers and OEMs in the motor vehicle industry. Our product range includes seamless and welded precision steel tubes, seamless and welded stainless steel tubes as well as hot rolled tubes – and also an extensive range of processing services.

Systems for the automotive industry

Drive, engine, fuel supply and exhaust system 

  • High pressure fuel pipes: seamless stainless steel pipes, on request cut, chamfered, calibrated, stamped and with ultrasonic washing according to VDA 19 requirements
  • Medium conveying  lines: from 4.00 x 0.75 mm to customer requirement, also cut, brush-finished, burr removal and washed or laser cut
  • Drive shaft tubes: precision steel tubes up to 90 mm external diameter in compliance with EN 10305-2, cut according to requirement, brush burr-removal (on request also with defined chamfer), washed, 100% concentrically and length calibrated, aligned, if applicable ends inserted or wrought
  • Tubes for starter rings: hot rolled steel tubes, fix cut and washed
  • Tubes for exhaust systems: high temperature resistant tubes in stainless steel and hot-dip aluminized

Chassis technology for the automotive industry

Chassis technology and steering systems

  • Steering technology: tubes for steering shafts and steering columns with close tolerances in compliance with EN 10305-2, tubes for shift towers and forks, seamless in compliance with EN 10305-1
  • Bearing sleeves (leaf spring eye mounts, shock absorbers and chassis mounts, etc.): cut to various dimensions, with defined chamfer as well as radiuses, on request coated (zinc plated or bonderized) 
  • Guide pillars: hot rolled steel tubes with the dimension 133.5 x 33.0 mm, cut to defined lengths 
  • 4003 Profiles and Sheets: Ferritic stainless steel profiles and sheets for frames

Chassis technology for the automotive industry

Chassis, passenger compartment and accessories

  • Mirror support tubes: for commercial vehicles made of machine-finished tubes in compliance with DIN EN 10305-3 with close tolerances according to the standard EN 10305-2, surface suitable for CDP coating
  • Bus grip bars: steel and stainless steel with the dimensions 30.0 x 1.5 mm, 30 x 3 mm und 34 x 2 mm, partially sanded and polished
  • Seating system: usually manufactured from machine-finished precision steel tubes, partially cut, washed as well as laser cut, etc.

Zistaplex tubes for the automotive industry

Zista® and Zistaplex® tubes

  • Zista® tubes from Benteler: with electrogalvanized, passivized free from chromium(VI), currently also yellow or olive chromated possible
  • Zistaplex® tubes from Benteler: the zinc and organic coating guarantees a maximum corrosion resistance of the material
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